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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DSFA UPDATE - Something Old, Lots New

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We've been busy, as usual, here at Darryll Schiff Fine Art.  Earlier this year
I finished my Descending to Heaven series.  As many of you know, it was
a huge, very successful project that took 18 months to complete.

As a whole, the series really connected me to a different way of thinking and 
working on my art (you can view some of these pieces at
While Spain is still on my mind, its time to start covering other things.

©Darryll Schiff  All Rights Reserved

For this blog post, I am sharing with you four pictures, from romantic
to dramatic, that I have taken over the years, each depicting nature,

which I stray from, but always come back to from time to time.

Looking at them it is easy to spot the differences in the artworks,
however, it is equally true that all four have evident components that
represent distinct steps and definite progress in my artwork.  It
should not be too difficult to pick out the oldest and the newest 
of the photographs.

©Darryll Schiff  All Rights Reserved

Ideally, I like to work on 2-3 series at a time.  I find that when I have 
more than one thing going, I tend to oscillate between them.  I work very
intensely on each photo in the series and it benefits me to take breaks on one 
by going to the the next project.  This way I maintain a proper perspective
on what I am saying and how that transposes itself into my art.  That final
piece of art must be as interesting as all the intellectual, emotional,
and subconscious thought that goes into it.

©Darryll Schiff  All Rights Reserved

Soon, in a future post, we'll start showing a couple of teasers from the 
most recent projects. Stay tuned.
                 - Darryll