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Friday, April 5, 2013

Why I work with Darryll


My name is Shannon, and I am one of Darryll's assistants. I started working with him in December of 2012, and since then, we've been quite busy!  Although our meeting was happenstance, it has turned out to be a fantastic and worthwhile experience. Last year, I was looking for something to supplement my not-quite-full-time gallery job, and I was particularly interested in social media, marketing, and the arts. Darryll was looking for someone to brainstorm with, handle his Facebook and Twitter accounts, and assist in research, marketing, and promotional efforts. It was a perfect fit! The fact that he is an immensely talented photographer whose work I enjoy is icing on the cake. It would be impossible for me to effectively do my job if I did not truly believe that Darryll's work deserves to be recognized. In the past several months, I've learned a ton about digital photography, high quality printing processes, and the climate of Chicago's art scene. I look forward to keeping on with the work we have been doing, all the while continuing to expand my knowledge and help Darryll achieve his goals. Since we began working together, we've made some changes to his website, established a blog, built up some internet presence, met with art consultants, and, through research and on-site visits, gotten a greater feel of the Chicago gallery scene. Next up on the research agenda: New York, Los Angeles, London... who knows where else the road will take us?! I have also conducted several interviews with Darryll, which helps me better understand him as an artist, but also gives him additional insight into why he is creating, and the ideas behind his photographs. As an artist, it is not always easy to talk about oneself, but the practice certainly increases self-awareness. Working with Darryll has also been a great opportunity for me to hone my writing skills and ability to effectively conduct research. If you haven't already, scroll through the blog to see what we have been up to recently!


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