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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Arts Club of Chicago

The Arts Club of Chicago is an institution, located in the Near North side of Chicago, that was established in 1916. The aim of this organization is to build and maintain a bigger public interest in the arts and their related activities. The Club opened its doors to artists of all kinds in order to provide a place to display their talents and inspire the city of Chicago. While local art is important to them, the Arts Club has also been home to international art. A large amount of the 20th century's most celebrated artists had their first American, or Midwestern, solo exhibits here. Some of these artists, including Alexander Calder, Pablo Picasso, and Georges Braque, are a part of the Club's permanent collection, which is open to the public by appointment. They also have exhibits that rotate three to four times a year.

                                           The Front of the Arts Club of Chicago

At one of these exhibits, an Arts Club members' show, Darryll decided to visit. While looking around he was approached by the director of the Arts Club, Janine Mileaf. They chatted for a minute and Darryll explained the work that he does. After hearing about the Darryll's work in the permanent collections of the MCA, the Met, the Art Institute, and others, Janine suggested to Darryll that he applied for membership of this prestigious club. Inspired by the work that the Club does and the way they hold their members to a high importance, Darryll decided to go through the application process. He was accepted and is now a member of the Arts Club of Chicago. It's important to him to stay active in the art community in Chicago, to maintain friendships, new and old, and to be a part of the great history that the Arts Club of Chicago holds for art.

                                         Calder's Work at the Arts Club of Chicago

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