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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spotlight - Desiree Agngarayngay - Our Crew, #1

Today I want to mention a friend of ours here at the studio that has worked with us in the past. Desiree Agngarayngay (five times fast) has played a huge role in our promotional endeavors. Our problem: huge art pieces that need to be seen in person to be believed. Her solution: videography.

Desiree, or as we like to call her, Desi, got together with us to discuss our game plan. How are we going to do justice to Darryll's work? How will we make people want to come see it for themselves? The plan was simple… act natural. Desi took matters into her own hands and did her magic. We filmed on a day that a couple of art collectors were to come by and look at his work. We moved around in our environment the way we normally do and it seemed like any other day. In the end, what Desi came up with blew our minds. She took something so simple and turned it into a tribute to Darryll's hard work, a peek into what we do here at the studio. We loved the video so much that for awhile it was the first thing you saw when visiting Darryll's website. We have since swapped it for a newer one. You can watch the original here:

Of course we couldn't stop there. Desiree had proven herself to be quite a talent, fresh out of Columbia College Chicago. We work with her to this day as she is very precious to us. Any time we have a task to accomplish that a mere photograph or bunch of words can't cover, we call Desi. She's got the camera skills and the editing expertise to put together a solid video that does Darryll's work justice. To see more of her work, visit her Vimeo, or Darryll's Vimeo. Also, she has a brilliant website that covers her work and others (look out for her piece on Darryll!) and you can view that here.

So thanks for taking the time to check out someone that we feel is helping US to define art.


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