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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Weekly Roundup- 11/21

For the sake of refreshing your tired, creative mind in as we approach winter, here are my picks for this week!

Take a close look at these images...they are made using an app called Echograph. I see this catching on quick.

These are PAINTINGS. Maybe artist Jason de Graaf was inspired by "Hand With Reflecting Sphere" by M.C. Escher, especially with this one:

A book about the surge of digital printing onto textiles in the fashion industry. Sounds like a great opportunity for digital artists!

Whitney Carter talks art fairs and Chicago's art scene.

Darryll and I recently attended a "Digital Self" seminar at the Chicago Artists Coalition. Here's a great summary of what we learned.

I always thought that art is so important for children. Here's one mom who's doing it right and the outcome is quite amazing!

My personal favorite

So that wraps up this week in my art radar! Stay warm :)


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