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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Weekly Round Up- 12/9

Hello readers! I'm here to bring you another edition of our weekly round-up. Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy.

The 5x5 trick is an extremely logical, yet subtle way to improve your day to day life based on the things/people you surround yourself with.

The process of this portrait series is *almost* as interesting as the product itself.

My favorite from the series.

Andrew Lyman creates and captures spirit-like figures in this gorgeous photo series.

Food photographers get to play with food for a living…lucky! Check out these drool-inducing images.

Spanish artist, Javier Lloret, turned an entire building into a Rubik's Cube…and you can play it! Bringing back the 80's in a HUGE way.

The game is made even more difficult by the fact that players can't see the other side of the building.

Do you have one of those friends that is weirdly obsessed with typography? Here's some gift ideas they're sure to love/critique.

That concludes the round-up for this week! I don't know about where you guys are, but it's super snowy and blustery here in Chicago (surprise, surprise), so be careful out there!


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