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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Introducing Sara to the DSFA Team!

            My name is Sara Law and I recently started working as an assistant for Chicago artist Darryll Schiff. I am a recent graduate from Columbia College with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art. I first encountered Darryll’s work my senior year of college. I passed his mural “Descending to Heaven” everyday on my commute. I was drawn into this massive piece, which is twenty-four by fifty-six feet, by the vibrant play of light dancing around the dark abstracted figures. 
“Descending to Heaven” ©Darryll Schiff All Rights Reserved

            I was not surprised when I discovered that the Art Institute of Chicago was familiar with DSFA and has a series of Darryll’s work as part of their collection, one of which seized my attention and lured me in. This piece in particular conjures the uncanny yet elegant atmosphere of a dream, resonating deep within my senses. I have an interdisciplinary practice which is why I gravitated towards his work.
“Untitled/Tree Abstraction” ©Darryll Schiff All Rights Reserved

            Darryll’s work is a hybridization of photography mixed with painterly qualities. The way he manipulates palettes of light and color within his pieces creates a pulsing and meditative aesthetic.
“Evanescence” ©Darryll Schiff All Rights Reserved
            I work with oil and acrylic paint to compose stimulating sensory compositions. I have a fluxus practice in that each layer applied informs the application of the next. I experiment with texture, light, and hue, blending foreground and background elements in order to simulate a sense of depth. I experience the world through sensation. 
“ChickenWaterBottleUnbrella” ©Sara Law All Rights Reserved
            I investigate my idiosyncratic relationship with language through color and sensation. My exposure to specific colors triggers an emotional response for me. I experience the world through sensation and I feel as though my thoughts cannot always be conveyed through the limited means of language and painting allows me to expand upon those means.
“Saucier” ©Sara Law All Rights Reserved

            Darryll’s body of work evokes a nuanced sense of expression, which I view as a portal. I am so pleased to be working with DSFA because this position facilitates an incredible learning environment with an established artist who has work in The Art Institute of Chicago, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many other galleries I aspire to work with. Darryll’s motivation and body of work is inspiring and I am excited to have this opportunity of working with such ambitious and visionary counterparts. 
Thank you for reading, tune in as I will begin posting regularly! -Sara

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring artwork! Can't wait to read more and follow along on this visual and verbal journey.