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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Artist of the Month- October- Veronique Meignaud

It's October, and well into the gallery opening season which means we've been busy over here at DSFA. So that is a good thing, but unfortunately, we haven't had time to touch this ongoing project of ours, the DEFINEART blog. However, today I present to you our pick for October's artist of the month.


This month I'm bringing it back to the contemporary art world and delving into an area we don't often get to explore, illustration. Darryll knows how important it is to remain inspired and since we deal with a lot of photography, he's asked me to highlight someone that I find inspiring to my illustration career. So! Ladies and Gentlemen, Veronique Meignaud!

Animation project

I stumbled across this lovely illustrator/art director recently and upon visiting her website I felt as though I was instantly transported into another dimension of shapes and figures. Her focus appears to be digital illustration, but that's not why I felt like I was peering into a whole new plane of existence. The landscapes, figures, and lighting all seem to be constantly morphing and evolving, which is quite a feat considering I was looking at 2-D work. The colors she uses are prismatic and often gem-like.


Her work is truly unlike anything I've ever seen. The animation in the Motion section of her website feels like a natural artistic progression, taking what she does so very well in the 2-D and then actually bringing it to life in 3-D. I felt as though I was looking through a kaleidoscope that was slowly hypnotizing me, lifting my awareness to a new level. I'm so glad there are artists out there, like Veronique, who are able to temporarily enchant their viewers in order to get them to see new places and spaces in their minds. So in my mind, she is not only defining art, but also the unseen world that surrounds us.

 If you'd like to see more, please visit her website.
 If you'd like to see Veronique's talent in action, check out this neat little video on Youtube.

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