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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Art Basel Miami

Here we are, again, swiftly approaching the holiday season. It happens every year, I know, but I never feel quite prepared for the frigid Chicago weather, the frantic purchasing of gifts, and the making of travel plans. However, there is an upcoming event this winter that allows us to put the holiday madness aside and dive into the world of art and warm weather.

At the beginning of December, we will hop on a plane to Miami, Florida. With the city's iconic Art Deco architecture, Miami make the perfect backdrop to an event such as Art Basel.

Miami's Art Deco District

Originating in Basel, Switzerland, this international event occurs annually in its birthplace, as well as Hong Kong and of course, Miami. It is considered to be the hub, the meeting place, of world renowned art, its creators, and the places that exhibit them. It's a wonderful platform for anyone working with or around art, as well as those who simply appreciate modern and contemporary art. Of the 258 galleries participating in this years Miami show, here are a list of galleries we're most excited to visit:

Richard Gray Gallery
Richard Gray Gallery
As Chicagoans, we are happy to see our city represented at Art Basel. Their display at this year's Art Expo Chicago stood out to me the most and I'm really pumped to see what they come up with for Miami. 

Kavi Gupta Gallery 
This gallery, rooted in Chicago, also has a Berlin location. Its newest location in Chicago is now the largest commercial gallery in Chicago.

Gagosian Gallery
The Gagosian Gallery can be found in fourteen different locations across the world. They are legendary. Enough said.

Baro Gallery
Located in a hangar in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Baro Gallery is home to established and up and coming Latin American artists. Because Brazil is one of Darryll's favorite places to    visit, he is especially excited to discover whats trending in their unique art scene.

Art Basel Miami, 2011

If you are visiting Miami for this event, let us know who you are excited to see!


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