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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weekly Roundup- 11/9

Hi all,

Here's a new trend we're starting at DSFA…a weekly roundup of art &design-related links, leading to articles, images, news, etc. There's a lot of information out there, let us break it down for you! We'll share with you ideas and notions that we find interesting, inspiring, or even upsetting. Here's our (small) list for this week! Enjoy.

Would you ever wear this "invisible" bike helmet? Could save a lot of lives, considering the number of people that won't wear a helmet due to…fashion concerns.

Ever find yourself confused with the terminology that comes with the art world? Never fear, Robert Atkins has created a guide to help you decipher exactly how we are defining art today.

Artist Daan Botlek creates street art that is detailed, yet simple. You would definitely have a double take passing these on the streets of Germany.

We have implemented a new way of organizing here at DSFA…and it's FREE. Asana is a lifesaver for those with post-its littering their workspace. Plus, did I mention it's free?!

Apparently this is a thing…photographer Perttu Saksa captures the street performing monkeys that are dressed up as dolls. Um…beware.

That is all this week! Share with us some links that you've found interesting lately!


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