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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Monthly Round-Up - May

Hi all,

I hope you enjoy this collection of links I've gathered over the last month!

- A precious view into the teeny tiny world of snails using macro photography.

- Who knew crumpled up garbage bags could look like mountain ranges, glaciers, and caverns? Artist Vilde J. Rolfsen did, that's who.

Vilde J. Rolfsen

- Learn to appreciate just how alive coral reefs are as they bloom to life in this slightly unsettling yet beautiful time-lapse video.

Daniel Stoupin
- An advertising agency hired photographer Nick Meek to capture images of 8 million flower petals sprayed across Costa Rica and the results are surreal.

Nick Meek
- These illustrations of NYC bikers are right on, especially since they perfectly apply to Chicago bikers as well!

Kurt McRobert


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