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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sarah Lukes- Artist of the Month- June

From the series, "Head Case".

Sarah Lukes is a photographer and collage artist from California and our pick for this month's featured artist. Her website, Beautiful Yourself, is loaded with all kinds of unique creations, threaded together with the ribbon that is Sarah's personal style. It is a style that is playful, cosmic and, with the combination of vintage imagery and modern adornments, timeless.

From the series, "Up Above the World So High".

Sarah mixes seemingly random elements together to create something unexpected, yet in the end the composition is whole and complete. She has an eye for textures and details, which she delicately pieces together in a manner that is often imperfectly perfect. Sometimes, it's the imperfections that really make the art. This is a strategy that Darryll uses in his photos while viewing the images on the computer. He will leave alone the bits that maybe any other artist would Photoshop out of their photo. I think these kind of decisions that Sarah and Darryll are making with their art has really helped to distinguish themselves from other artists perhaps doing similar work.

From the series, "Up Above the World So High".

 In a lot of the images, we see a strip of text, balancing out the entire composition. This gives each piece a touch of a meaning, yet still leaving a bit of intrigue, not giving her vision away all at once. The viewer is free to interpret and contemplate.

From the series, "Plastered Polaroids".

We get to see a piece of Sarah in each of her works of art but are left wanting more. It's this kind of subtle mystery, combined with her distinctive style, that helps to define Sarah Lukes as an artist and allows her to project her own brand of art into the universe.

Feast your eyes on loads more work at Sarah's website and enjoy!

Also, be sure to stay tuned for a future blog covering Darryll's trip to Spain!

- Chelsea

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